Most interesting facts about cats

Cats are mysterious creatures. They live despite rules and do whatever they want. Sometimes they want to be alone and sometimes need attention. One day are sweet and lovely, other day angry and ugly. One minute they play with you, other – bites your arm. It’s hard to guess when and what they want. But despite that we can’t stop loving them. That’s why you should know some interesting facts about your kitten.

1. Cats usually tend to love women much more than men because of women higher voice memo. Cat hearing is three times better then humans. That’s why they like to be in calm place and don’t like the noise.
2. Cat is rubbing around your legs not because she missed you, but because she want to mark you as a member of group. Cat smell is stronger than human so when cat is touching you with tail and face the particles gets on your body or clothes. That’s how other cats understand that a new human friends has or hasn’t a cat.
3. Cats can make about 100 different sounds and dogs only 10. Usually they start to spread a new sound when they are trying to catch something – for example a bird. They are trying to make a sound to pretend that cat is a bird and wont hurt others. Then it is easier to hunt birds or other victim.
4. Cat nose is unique like our fingerprints. That’s why you can’t found a cat identical to yours even if they are brother or sister to each other.
5. Cat send you a kiss with eyes. No, it’s not a lie. Cat language is completely different than ours. In cat language slow blinking means love to owner. If your cat slowly blinks to other cat it means that you pet is trying to calm down his friend.