How to choose the right stairs?

Stairs is a very important part of the house as it usually connects different spaces, such as basement attic or different floors. Staircases can have different shapes. They can be spiral, straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc.
However, we need to emphasize that not all types of stairs suits in different houses. Therefore, it will be highly advised to consult with professionals, such as architects, interior designers, etc.

Before making such an important decision like choosing staircase, the attention should be paid to the following elements:

  • Size of the stairs;
  • Place, where you want to install them;
  • Form and construction of stairs;
  • Material of stairs (how to avoid slippery surfaces);
  • If you have children (in that case steep stairs are really bad idea);


When you will imagining your future stairs, you should be realistic about the budget, you can spend on it. When you will come up with the amount, you will be able to decide what materials and shapes you can afford, and then it will be easier to decide.
Specialists say that the cheapest wood to choose is ash. People that are after something at the top of should choose oak. Sometimes people choose stairs from pine, but that choice is rare because pine is a soft wood.

Be careful and follow the advices given in this article. However, in case, you have more questions, you should consult with people who produce stairs. They will answer you in any question.