Free economic zones in Lithuania (FEZ)

Do you know what is a Free Economic Zone (FEZ) and why it is useful for European countries? FEZ is a term, describing Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which establishes free trade across Europe. FEZ is very often described as one of the forms to attract foreign capital, also, to promote imports and exports, reduce unemployment and to accelerate the integration of the global economy. It is important to mention that in various countries are determined different tax incentives. So, if you want to invest, first, you should find out taxation, conditions and benefits of free zones.
There are three Free Economic Zones in Lithuania, Kaunas free economic zone (1996), Klaipeda free economic zone (1996), and from now on, there are Panevezys special economic zone. This area was established in 2013. The location of Panevezys free economic zone is strategically wise, it is situated next to the highway Via Baltica, which connects with important capitals, such as Warsaw and Tallinn, it is also near the railway line Moscow-Kaliningrad.
The Panevezys free economic zone area is 47 ha. In Panevezys SEZ could be developed the following activities: construction, electricity, gas and water supply, wholesale trade, hotels and restaurants, publishing activities, fishing, manufacturing industries, storage and communication, motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods, health and social work activities (activities related to human treatment).