Amber necklaces

The yellow, sunlight absorbing and energy emitting stone, Lithuanian gold – amber. This organic mireal Lithuanians used ages ago: amber necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings, has long been used not only for a person to dress up, but also to diversify the interior of the house. But how to choose the right amber jewelry for themselves and not to disappoint those whom we give baltic amber teething necklace? We will remind you of the valuable qualities of amber, and you decide what suits you the most.

Amber products can be place it on just-born babies and children. Amber necklace – not only a great decoration, but also having a positive impact on health. What qualities has amber? First, it stimulates metabolism in the cells, soothes, eases breathing colds, strengthens babies immunity. Also, this mineral has a subtle pleasant aroma. Natural, raw amber perfect for allergic children, in addition to children’s necklace supported by additional nodules, so beads are well protected from entering the baby’s mouth. Baltic Amber teething necklace just simple, beautiful and unique peace for every child.

For girls and women it is perfect  beautiful amber earrings from traditional yellow to dark, rich amber are perfect for girls and women. There are load of shades, shapes, sizes, wearings ways. Amber accessories perfectly blends with the other precious metals. Women likes to perk up not only with modest accessories , but also massive ornaments. The luxurious and refined handcrafted products will not leave ladies indifferent. Amber jewelery can be adapted to a variety of clothing styles, but they will look perfect to handmade or linen garments. Of course, women will enjoy receiving amber jewelry, but they must be woman type and temperament. Incidentally, it is worth getting and amber pin – it’s neat, unique, feminine jewelry and also baltic amber teething necklace.

Amber jewelry or accessorie can be as a gift for a male can as gifts. Equal-sized stones, square-shaped necklace perfectly reflects the character and strength of men. Boys and men can wear amber pendants, who hangs on stylish genuine leather plaited cords. Often such genuine amber pendants are inclusions, because they have cured insect: it only adds value to a product. If a man is not into jewelery, you can give him a key ring – amber warmth and positive energy will travel everywhere with its owner.