There is no Alternatives for Fur and Leather

The alternative for natural clothes are synthetics. Both of them make bad impact for the world because synthetics are made from petroleum by-products and fur as well as leather are made from animals.

There is only few advantages of synthetics: cheaper and respect the animals’ right to live. However, there are even more reasons why organic materials are better:

1. Natural fur as well as the real leather is decomposed (by bacteria or living organisms) faster than their alternatives.
2. Fur and leather are taken from animals which are renewable and sustainable resources. All their alternatives are made from petroleum which is not renewable and raise the pollution level.
3. Fur and leather clothes, shoes, bags or other stuff are long-lasting in comparison with their alternatives. It is hard to damage or wear out things made from natural materials. Also, they always look fashionable and classy.
4. Chemicals used for leather or fur processing are not harmful for the nature. Also the natural materials is used in its’ natural color, so there is no need for bleach or dyes. On the contrary, leather and fur alternatives require a lot of different type of chemicals in order to make and process them.
5. The harmful effect for health comes from synthetics which are used as the alternatives for fur and leather. Usually clothes made from synthetic materials cause the allergies or respiratory diseases. However, natural products, materials are safe.

The discussions about animal rights are unstoppable. And that is great because in this way people start to think about the nature and how to save it. However, decisions how to save the planet should be based on logical decisions. Synthetic alternatives of fur, leather or wool are not Eco-friendly or sustainable and cause just harmful effect for the whole planet. So to choose long-lasting, biodegradable materials is one of the way to care about the nature and your own health.