Box of the Flowers

Fashion and trends are changing all the time in all different spheres. In floristry as well. It is important to follow these trends in order to surprise yourself and others by giving exclusive, creative floral arrangements.

The new alternative for traditional bouquets or simple bunches of flowers – flowers in a box. That is a new, popular way of the beautifully handcrafted floral arrangement which goes together with many delicious attachments. It is like double gift when sweets, cookies or little presents can be added next to the cut or planted flowers and combined in the same box. Moreover, a personal label or an unconventional shape of the box can be selected. So the variety of gorgeous flowers, different boxes, attachments and unusual presentation makes this kind of gift unique, romantic and luxury.

The boxes have more advantages in comparison with the simple bouquets. Firstly, flowers are placed in the special florist sponge full of water, that is why you do not need to worry about where and how fast soaking the flowers. Secondly, this kind of packaging makes flowers long lasting and keep them fresh longer. So the box of flowers can be the solution how to enjoy the gift for a long time.

The specialists of floristry use as less as possible synthetic accessories in this kind of floral arrangements and try to change them into natural materials. Because of that clients appreciate natural product as well. The majority people buy natural cut flowers and enjoy them much more for even a shorter period of time.

To sum up, if you want to make an original surprise for girlfriend, mom or friend, this kind of keepsake is the greatest decision. Every time people get this kind of colorful box, is impossible to predict how the content of it will amaze. For those who can not decide what kind of floral arrangement in the box they want, professionals can always help and make beautiful bouquets for any occasion.