8 debunked alcohol myths

8 debunked alcohol myths

8 debunked alcohol mythsDrinking is fun, alcohol makes us happy and do things that most of the time we wouldn’t dare doing. unfortunately, after a night of alcohol we have to front the side effects like a killer hangover that punish us for our sins. To avoid the different effects of alcohol we use all kinds of self persuasion techniques thinking they will help us, like not drinking beer (against beer-belly), or drink coffee to sober up. The problem is these are usually alcohol myths and the things we do don’t really help us. So before you drink large amounts of coffee to cure your hangover – you better read the following debunked alcohol myths.

1. Drinking beer before liquor will get you drunk faster8 debunked alcohol myths

Actually, The order you are drinking your alcohol beverages does not matter, You’ll have a hang over because you drank too much, no matter how many or how much. Every drink you’ll drink, as long as its the same amount, will cause the same effects that over drinking cause: dehydration, lost of memory, nausea, and sensitivity to light.

2. Drinking beer will give you a “beer belly”8 debunked alcohol myths

Gaining weight, the thing known as “beer belly” doesn’t happen just from beer. Every alcoholic beverage has a high level of calories and empty carbs, so beer belly can be caused from any alcoholic beverage whether its wine, vodka, liquor or any other kind. So next time you avoid beer, just know its not the only one to blame.

3. Coffee will help you get over a hangover8 debunked alcohol myths

In order for you to sober up, the body needs to completely get rid of the alcohol in your body, coffee will not help to speed up the process. In order for you to get over the hangover, you’d have to wait for the body to naturally destroy the alcohol in the body and this may take a few hours. Drinking coffee MAY sharpen your senses a bit and make you think you are getting over the hangover, a dangerous phenomenon by itself. Even if you drink enormous amounts of coffee it will not speed up the process and its recommended to avoid dangerous activities like driving the next morning.

4. Alcohol destroys your brain cells

Drinking may slow down your thinking process and may disrupt your brain activity but don’t worry, no brain cell is completely destroyed because of that. Though its important to understand alcohol destroys and harm nerve cells in the central nervous system that controls learning and motor coordination. This lowers the communication between the nerve cells, changes their structure and cause some of the symptoms that happen when getting drunk. This may be a short term phenomenon, but the more you drink – the more the brain loses its ability to “fix” itself after a night of drinking.

5. You’ll feel more drunk if you mix alcohol and energy drinks8 debunked alcohol myths

You will not feel more drunk, just different kind of drunk. If you drink alcohol with a caffeinated energy drink, you’ll be in a weird state thats called “totally awake drunk”. You will have the same amount of alcohol in your blood like if you were only drinking alcohol, but you will feel more sober because of the caffeine. This is a reminder to why coffee does not help hangovers. It is not recommended to mix energy drinks with alcohol, these two together can be very dangerous.

6. Vomiting would make us sober up8 debunked alcohol myths

Vomiting will help you to get rid of the alcohol in your digestion system which will prevent it from entering your bloodstream, but your blood will still contain alcohol that the body needs to get rid of. So it may help you get rid of the alcohol in your stomach and by that stopping you from getting any drunker, but you’ll still have to wait a few hours for the body to get rid of the alcohol in your blood.

7. Lighter beverages (in color) will rid you of a hangover8 debunked alcohol myths

Brighter alcohol beverages will make the whole business a bit better, the explanation is that Fermentation products that are in darker alcohol drinks – makes your hangovers stronger than lighter beverages do.

8. Men and women who are the same height can drink the same amount of alcohol

Even if you are the same height and weight as the man that’s with you, you will still get drunk a whole lot faster if you drink the same amount of alcohol. It happens because men has more muscle tissue and less fat than women, and muscles contain more water than fat, which means the alcohol is dilated more in a man’s body. this means women will have higher level of alcohol in women.