Myths about sport

1. I’m burning fats if I’m moving! If you are moving like a snail you will never burn any fats. Every body reacts different. It doesn’t mean if your friend is skinny but eats a lot and moves just a little that the same happens to you.
2. If I do the same trains like Beyonce I will look like Beyonce. You will never have the same body like your favorite celebrity unless you are identical twins. It’s pointless to try to be like someone else. Better concentrate to your body type and do what is best for you.
3. Running is the only way to lose weight. It’s really good workout but it’s not for everybody. If you don’t like to run you can choose other alternatives and reach same results.
4. Doesn’t matter what kind of sneakers I’m wearing. Basic thing to every move is our foots. Bad shoes during workout can cause pain and reduce workout efficiency.
5. I’ll be fat if I eat fats. This is one of the biggest lies about healthy diet. There’s so many research about positive impact to your body. Good fats can improve you heart, blood vessels, reproductive, immune and nervous systems and also helps to keep slim body.
6. I’ll will reach better results faster if I eat less and do a lot of workouts. There is some true but workout with empty stomach can be less effective and probably after you will go straight to the fridge to eat a way to big portion of food or something sweet.
7. Supplements and vitamins can change food. Best way to get vitamins is a good balanced diet. Other way you just trick your body and torture yourself. Food is your friend. Don’t forget that.