Amber Powder

Since ancient times, it was believed that amber – medicine for all diseases. It seems that there is no such disease, from which amber can’t heal. Amber beads treated for sore throats, colds, asthma, heart problems, the situation in the nausea, cleaned stones from insktų helped overcome eye diseases.Treatment using amber is a tradition thousands of years. Widely used in the amber pieces and the crushed powder.

Amber powder – this is a special patented method shredded yellowish 100 percent Baltic Sea amber powder – succinic acid and succinic oil concentrate. The oldest amber powder used as a facial mask by mixing amber with water or oil. Thick puree with water – tightens the skin, purifies and rejuvenates by stimulating cell regeneration, accelerates wound healing and smoothes spots, dries oily skin, cleans the dirt.

—Mixed with oil, is more suitable for dry skin – deeply nourishes, moisturizes, cleanses, smoothes, soothes;

—Amber powder dry or wet on the face used for exfoliating;

With electrified circular motion, amber is particularly effective, because facial massages, in addition to an amber powder variety of lubricants and oils – have been various Earth civilizations luxury product.

Regular amber powder improves effectiveness and ensures a stable, visible results. Ideal for the treatment of foot cracks, skin itching after insect bites, bed sores, suppurative or trophic wounds.

Amber powder benefits

—Amber powder is very hygroscopic (ability of the material absorption or adsorption of the environment to attract water molecules) because they:

—drained and decrease the skin surface, absorbs sweat and grease gland secretions;

—enhances heat transfer significantly increased the skin surface evaporating area, which is the more effective, the smaller powder particles;

—It cools the skin and reduces the narrowing of blood vessels, thus acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and soothe skin irritation;

—are brought into contact does not allow the skin friction joints to each other;

It protects the skin from external factors impact.

—collects toxins, microbes, viruses;

—normalize cellular energy processes;

—accelerates the healing of inflammatory processes;

—it does not cause sensitisation or allergic reactions.

 However, do not destroy your luxurious amber necklace (the less processed amber, the more it has positive qualities, in addition to more useful features have precisely small pieces. Better pick up handul of the Baltic Sea Amber (if you have not already, make yourself a feast, take a walk along the seashore, post a family competition, which took up more sun teardrop), grind amber with a grinder and prepare this unique product to your beauty instrument.