I can’t do this no more.. How i could reduce my stress?

Stress is very harmful for our organism. It can cause bad sleep, bad mood, headache or pain in various body parts. Also it can cause a depression. It’s obvious that you must to get rid of stress.

It would be perfect if you can change your daily routine and get more sleep. If not, then you should change your attitude of life. You need to enjoy every little thing. It’s seems foolish but it’s really effective. Don’t think about the past and concentrate in present. Go for a walk. Put down those donuts and eat a lot of fiber and don’t drink to much coffee. Try to find a hobby – dancing, painting, workout, play tennis, do yoga, play basketball or football, go for a run, walk a dog. Try to breath calm and take care of breathing. Be with friends and laugh a lot. Tell them what you feel maybe they can suggest you something or help you to get rid of stress.Also you need to plan your works ant time. Try to work one or two days very hard and then you will get your well-deserved rest. If you have to much things to do ask for a help. It’s not a shame to have a lot on you plate. Don’t delay thing and do then when you can not when you want or deadline is coming. Don’t think about worst, think about bright and easier tomorrow. Every day is a good day to change or to do something good. Give yourself only positive thoughts. SMILE. Smile is the best cure because when you are smiling your brains try to produce a hormone of happiness.

When you give smile you get smile. But first of all you need to understand that you are suffering from stress and want something to change. If you don’t want to be happy then nothing could help you.