The Secret of Halo

The nature always gives us the new and unique phenomenons. Have you ever seen any of them? Have you ever noticed the huge light ring around the sun? Your eyes do not lie to you. This circle is real. It is called halo.

What does the emergence of this ’’ring’’ cause?

Halo is a really rare optical phenomenon which is made because of the ice crystals interaction with sun light.

High and thin cirrus clouds (5-10 kilometers) are contained from tiny ice crystals. The edges of these crystals refract and reflect the sun light and if people eyes catch it, they can see the halo.

There can be over 50 varieties of halo shape. And, as well as the case of rainbow, halo can be in the same variety of colors because of light refraction.
The circular halos are rare but possible to see anywhere in the whole world. Also, there are many more other halo species that are extremely rare. However, sun dogs and light pillars are pretty common but sometimes not so obvious or light. Because of that it is difficult to see them if you do not expect.

Sun dog

The phenomenon that consist of little light arcs to the left/right of the sun. It could look like a target. Sun dogs can be most conspicuous when the sun is near the horizon.

Light pillars

The light pillar could be seen after the sun goes down, below the horizon. It looks like the red line goes up from the horizon.

Many years ago, before the meteorology was developed, halos were used as weather forecasting method. Halos meant that the storm is coming and the rain will start to fall within the next 24 hours. There was some true in this lore because halos goes after cirrus clouds which often lead to the rain.