data visualization with in Malta


More than 36 thousand families can be thankful for mobile data visualization, because it saved their lives.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people dies every day because of malaria. Of course, over the last 15 years, the mortality rate has declined. However, it remains a very big numbers anyway. However, even with a 48% less mortality in this area, there is still work to do, that the malaria cases would be even less.

Hence, it is mobile data according to location information and surveys helped the organisation “PATH” to fight with this dangerous infectious disease. The collected data and information were remove on the map, so in this case, you can see how malaria is transmitted and spread in different areas.

Data visualization also helped to evaluate the malaria cases and levels in individual counties, rather than focus attention to the whole region. The county health-care centres have been able to better identify and treat more than half of the cases of malaria in the southern part of the province, set out in the malaria transmission season. During the two rain seasons in malaria cases decreased by 93 percent. Currently, the health care staff to record data on the cases of malaria in the device registers and logs. Every week, all the information shall be transmitted to mobile phones, filling in a Java-based data entry forms, centralised data server, which is installed with the “Tableau” the program analyzes the data. Important information about the spread of malaria, is sent to specific health care centres.

Further elaboration of the “PATH” and “Tableau” step is to create the most accurate structure in order to distinguish malaria in villages or even individual homes. It is expected that the cooperation between the two organizations and collected knowledge on mosquito nets distributed the diseases will help stop and Zika virus.