Tips for a good sleep

Sleep is very important for your nervous system, mood, helps to keep energy all day long and regulates metabolism . If we can’t get enought of sleep we can get a heart disease, diebetes, overweight. In the morning we can get some energy from a cup of coffee, but if you drink coffe all day long you get into a circle. Coffee tense muscles and don’t let them to rest so at night you can’t fall asleep and in the morning you again drink coffe because you didn’t sleep well. But here is so tips for a good sleep

1. Go to sleep at the same time everynight. Monday you go to sleep at 9 pm, tuesday at 10pm, friday 4am and so on. Your organism don’t understand your rhythm and you lost your inner harmony. So in the morning is hard to wake up.
2. The same rule is for wake ups. You need to wake up at the same time every morrning. You must to do this even on weekends or rest days. We all have natural alarm clock so if you can’t wake up even when the alarm sounds it means you haven’t get enought of sleep.
3. Perfect bed for perfect sleep. You need to pick a perfect bed that at night you don’t need to bend your legs or be scared to roll on you back because there’s no space. Bed should be width and long.
4. Don’t eat before you go to bed. Even a small snack can ruin your sleep. Also is bad for you figure. If you put something in your mouth before bed your stomach starts to digest and it’s hard to fall asleep.
5. Don’t drink an alcohol. A little amount of can help you to fall asleep faster but you after that can’t get into deep sleep. Your brain hears and feels everything around so in the morning you wake up exhausted .
6. Turn of your phone. Playing games or scrolling can distract and then it would be hard to fall asleep.
7. Hot bath. Before sleep you must to calm down so hat bath , candles and some ethereal oils can improve your sleep quality. You can enjoy bath no longer then 20 minutes and 1 hour before sleep.
8. Refuse coffee. Try to drink only one or maximum two cups of coffee per day. It would be perfect if you refuse coffee for good. Caffeine can effect your body for more then 12 hours so if you drink coffee during luch probably it’ll be a reason why you can’t fall asleep at night.
9. fresh air. go for a walk one or two hours before bedtime. Walk for a 30 minutes in fresh and clean air. City streets is not a good option – park is the best solution. Walk slow, you need to calm down not to work out. Fresh air helps you to fall asleep faster and sleep tight all night long.

10. Avoid loud noises. loud neighbours, cars, dogs and other sounds can ruin your sleep even if you are sleeping thigt. If your sleep is surrounded by noises your sleep quality is deteriorating.
Your body does a lot of reactions while you are sleeping. That’s why we should sleep not less then 7 or 8 hours at every night . Best sleep is before midnight. Good sleep is well for our health. Take these tips and you will sleep like a baby.