10 interesting things you should know about Russia

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

1. Culture

The russian culture is one of the richest and most influential in the world. In Russia there are 160 ethnic groups that speak around 100 different languages. The larger population speaks Russian of course. The second language is Tetrian which is spoken by %5 of the population. The marvelous russian literature reached its peak in the 19th century when authors such as Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin and Turgenev wrote some of the most influential books ever written. The music, ballet, painting and cinema were also hosts for great artist from Russia.

2. Architecture

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

The beginning of the Russian Architecture was with impressive wooden structures that were built in the old slavic era. After that came the strong Byzantine influence, The most impressive stone structures were in the Kremlin and churches with many stone domes. with St. Bazil church being the most impressive one, in the red square in Moscow with the many onion domes – built in the 17th century.

3. Food

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

The cold climate has much influence on the Russian cuisine. Soups are very popular, especially the famous and traditional borscht. As side dishes there are meat stews and potatoes. Chicken is used a lot. The food is usually very heavy and nutritional and is served with a lot of alcohol.

4. Drinks

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

Vodka is with no doubt the most popular alcoholic drink in Russia. It is served between and with meals. In expensive places they serve excellent vodka – but you better avoid drinking cheap or home-made vodka where you can’t know what was used to make it.

5. Sport

The Russian teams are great in many kinds of sport and won a lot of medals and trophies. The two most popular are soccer and ice hockey. The russians usually win in winter sports like Ski and Ice skating.

6. Special events

“White Nights” in St. Pittsburgh is considered a very special event you shouldn’t miss. These nights are during June and July at the peak of the summer, when the nights are longer and the big cities host summer festivals and many cultural events.

7. Monuments

The Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, on the river’s edge that carries the city’s name and beside the red square and St. Basil cathedral – is the most famous monument in Russia. The Kremlin includes 4 palaces, 4 cathedrals and the Kremlin wall and its towers. The whole area is defined as the president’s official residence.

8. Tradition

Taking a dip in the Banya, a hot bath that looks a lot like the Finnish sauna, is one of the most popular and famous traditions. Russians visit public and private banyas even these days and spend a few hours in complete relaxation.

9. Nature reserve

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

In Russia there are about 41 declared working national parks where they keep and watch nature very strictly. Lucini ostrov reserve in Moscow is a huge forest, first one to be declared in the country, In the past the whole forest was reserved to be used by the Tzars only. The many wild animals in the forest now enjoy protection against hunting.

10. Only in Russia

10 interesting things you should know about Russia

The Russian dolls (Babushkas) are considered to be one of the nation’s symbols and is undoubtedly one of the popular and familiar ones that tourists buy while visiting Russia. Real Babushkas are made out of wood, Hand painted and some are even considered very expensive art items.