Most beautiful places in the world

We all know that in the world are plenty of extraordinary places where you need to take a minute and just breathe. World is full of surprises and impressive nature creatures. Lets take a look.

One of those places ar in Azia, Mianmar. It’s Bagan city . Other calls it a thousand temples city, because in the second century when the city was biuld there was a king Anavrat who turn this place into religion center. There you can count more than 2000 temples and monasteries.

Second – Dzyadagou Valley in China. In Mino Mountains near Tibet. Breathtaking view of waterfalls, lakes, colorful woods and snowy peaks. This Valley is surroundet by 100 lakes. The watter is so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake, although the depth reaches several tens of meters.

Marble Caves in Chile is one of the most extraordinary thing what nature could create. Patagonia stretches across Chile and Argentina and it is one of most mystereous places on the earth. This land was foundet by Magellan and named Patagonia. If we Translate Pantagonia name from Spanish we see that it’s “Land of foot”. Patagonia is full of natural wonders and one of them is unusual forms of caves whos is bright bluish color.

The hillside of Coyote Buttes in Arizona the most impressive place for travelers. Per day only 20 people can see this beauty and 10 of them are already booked tickets a half year ago. Orange, yellow, white colors gets together and creates and incredible view of hillside.

Preachers Rock is one of most popular place for tourists in Norway. This rock is in 604 meters height and down here is a wide river. From there you can see panoramic view of Norwegian nature. And that view is simply amazing. Mountain and water area is huge . There you can feel a real connection with nature.

Seychelles is land of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is real heaven in Earth from 115 islands and every of them is unique. Palm trees, the only true coconut palm forest in the world, clear water, white sand. It is hard to convey the beauty into words. You just need to see by yourself.