The most beautiful places in the World you must see

There many beautiful places that are gorgeous and worth seeing, but there are only a few that can take our breath away. Traveling all our the world we have made a list which is worth your time and attention.

The first place goes to Ha long Bay in Vietnam. It is the Gulf of Tnkin that has 1,600 islands with a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Most of these islands are uninhabited and not affected by a human. What to speak about the nature beauty that speaks for itself. Warm weather, amazing beaches and impressive mountain – what else our eyes need?

The second place goes to Bagan in Myanmar. This is an ancient city of Myanmar that has thousand of temples that depicts the ancient story of the town. One of the most impressive beauty standing there is now called the Bagan Archaeological Zone and believe us – it’s more than amazing…

Have you heard of Zhangye Danxia Landform that is located in China? It definitely takes the third place or it could easily compete with the winner of the first place. Zhangye is better known as the eye candy. It is the place that all artists admire. It looks like a masterpiece because of its unique colors of the mountains and pattern as well. More precisely, this place has a lot of red cliffs which are hundred and even more meters high.

It is the second place in Vietnam that you must see and it is Rice Terrace Fields in Mu Cang Chai. Actually, there are no appropriate words to speak about such beauty of the rice fields, since it is more than amazing. It is something mysterious and perfect.

Last but not least is Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Brazil. These falls are the largest in the whole world. They divide the river into Iguazu.

Of course, the list of the most beautiful places could go on and on, however, we only emphasized the most unique and remarkable ones.